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MidWest Precision building

Assembly & Kitting Capabilities of Midwest Precision

Midwest Precision provides highly specialized, close tolerance assembly work using highly trained operators.

Assembly error-proofing techniques are utilized throughout the assembly process to eliminate defects and "escapes".

JIT - Kanban

Midwest Precision provides inventory management services under LTA (long-term agreement) for many customers. We can supply components, sub-assemblies or complete assemblies on a JIT basis using material-pull KANBAN or electronic pull.

Midwest Precision is Equipped to Accommodate:

  • Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical components
  • Hand and semi-automatic assembly
  • Helicoil insertion
  • Specialized elastomer and adhesive processes
  • Etching, CNC Engraving, and Laser part marking

Assembly Processes Include:

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